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We know that habits shape who we are.  That is why, as a community, we are focusing on developing habits that will transform us to become more and more like Jesus. 

One habit that you do not often hear about is generosity.  This is unfortunate because when we are generous it shapes us in such a positive way. 

The language we use at South is, "are you open handed or close fisted".  When you are opened handed you recognize that your life and everything you have is Gods so you hold on to it loosely.  When you are closed fisted, your things and your life are yours so you hold on to them tightly.
When we are open handed we get to see God work through us and our resources.  We are partnering with God as He accomplishes His mission.




Look at these different bible reading plans about generosity


Generosity by Infinitum

Generosity as Freedom

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